St. Charles Borromeo House of Formation Chapel

Empty and newly constructed building

Creating a sacred space for the future of our faith

The St. Charles Borromeo House of Priestly Formation was originally located in a single cottage on the property of Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Southwest Atlanta. In 2014, the Archdiocese purchased four townhomes in Sandy Springs to begin a new phase in the discernment and formation of men to the priesthood. 

Having now four separate units presented new challenges, one of which was the space limitation due to the narrow layout of the homes, rendering it difficult to gather in large groups for Mass and Prayer. The house has served as a residence for seminarians who are completing special ministry assignments such as language studies, clinical pastoral education, and other formative programs outside of the seminary itself. 

Since we do not have a seminary in the Archdiocese, this becomes the designated gathering space for all our seminarians when they return home. It is a particular blessing for many of our seminarians who do not have family in the archdiocese or whose familial circumstances make it difficult for them to go home. In the summer, the seminarians gather here for prayer and community building. This is a significant opportunity for them to strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternity since they are at different seminaries throughout the year. 

Archbishop serving at mass

Thanks to the generosity of donors who put their faith into action by giving to the Mission Advancement Fund, the chapel has seen much progress and Masses have taken place.