Catholic Charities Atlanta Veterans Services

Right now, there are 30 veterans on a waitlist who need your help. Good family men and women like, Narian Jackson, that are waiting to receive a lifeline to proper care and resources that Catholic Charities of Atlanta provides to veterans in need.

Serving 200 clients per year, Catholic Charities of Atlanta restores hope and dignity to local Veterans and their families by providing paths to mental health counseling services and access to VA mental health services to support former service men and women as they navigate civilian life. 

58% of over 600,000 veterans surveyed in Georgia reported experiencing homelessness after they departed from the military. Leading some to hopelessness and depression. You can help Catholic Charities of Atlanta change that. 

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$60 can provide 1 mental health session. $720 provides 12 sessions. $3,600 provides 12 mental health sessions for 5 Veterans, giving them the opportunity to restore themselves, their families and to thrive.  


You have the power to save the lives of Veterans in our local community by giving them access to life-saving resources that can sustain their families and themselves.  
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