Committee for the Ongoing Formation of Priests

The committee exists to support priests in their lifelong process of ongoing formation and calls priests to attend to their human, intellectual, pastoral and spiritual development for their own well-being so they can provide the best possible service to the people of God.

The committee for the ongoing formation of priests serves the priests of the Archdiocese of Atlanta – active, disabled, and retired.

They provide: Spiritual formation opportunities including retreats, convocations, days of reflection; Human formation opportunities including mentoring programs, workshops, online webinars; Intellectual formation opportunities including study days, online courses; Pastoral formation opportunities including new ordained mentor program, new pastor/administrator workshops and seminars; Resources and information about formation opportunities.

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The Committee of Formation of our Priests has many ongoing needs. While our priests continue on their spiritual journeys, they can attend events such as: Days of Reflection, Clergy Days of Study, Early Ministry Meetings, Jubilarian Dinner, and Convocation.

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