Corpus Christi Flooring Project

New floor at Corpus Christi

Finding a Deeper Connection Right Under Your Feet

Since 1970, the geographically diverse community at Corpus Christi parish in Stone Mountain has put a focus on engaging others to form the bonds of fellowship creating a special sacred space to gather and live their faith. 

Years of masses, meetings, study groups, and social events were evidenced by the well-worn floors that were found throughout the property, and an update was desperately needed. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Corpus Christi has been able to restore a sense of reverence and elegance to the church, offices, religious education building, and meeting spaces. New flooring has created a positive impact as parishioners see their church improve and flourish.  

Father Paschal Amagba says, “It is a sign that the church is alive and thriving.” 

The newly renovated floors provide an inviting environment and create a welcoming space where parishioners and newcomers feel a sense of community and belonging. Fresh spaces provide opportunities for continued fellowship through the many programs and events that shape the faith journey for those who visit Corpus Christi . 

“In essence, having these new floors signifies a deeper commitment to our faith, our community, and our shared future. It becomes a testament to our unity, devotion, and dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive space where all are welcomed, inspired, and nurtured in their spiritual growth.”

Parishioner Corpus Christi Parish 

This project made possible by donations to the General Mission Advancement Fund.