Disabilities Ministry

The Disabilities Ministry of the Archdiocese of Atlanta stands as a beacon of inclusivity providing a welcoming environment where individuals with disabilities can experience spiritual enrichment, community, and belonging within the embrace of the Church.

Rooted in the pillars of education within parishes, pastoral care, family advocacy/support, and prayer, the Disabilities Ministry embodies a profound commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being and social integration of individuals with disabilities.

With unwavering dedication and the collaborative efforts of volunteers, professionals, and the wider community, the Disabilities Ministry illuminates the path toward a more inclusive and compassionate society, where every individual is recognized as a cherished member of God's family.  

A group of campers from the boys cabin pose together
an altar with a banner that reads "Toni's Camp"

Toni's Camp, an annual retreat designed to address the multifaceted needs of participants, provides a safe environment where individuals of all abilities are welcomed, supported, and empowered to fully participate in the life and celebrations of the Church. 

For 50 years, this specially tailored retreat has offered 80 children a barrier-free environment ensuring full accessibility to enjoy all the facilities that Camp Twin Lakes has to offer. Campers might paddleboat, do a craft, or explore a garden and pick food to enjoy.

A large group of campers poses for a photo with a sign that says Toni's Camp 2019

Spirituality takes center stage, with daily prayers and Mass celebrated on Sunday, allowing campers to foster a deeper connection to their faith. The communal experience at the camp fosters bonds of friendship and spiritual growth, drawing participants closer to one another and to God.  

“There have been so many signs that the ministry is doing God’s work. A young man with severe autism was receiving confirmation- as the sacrament was being conferred, the sun showed over his head to the altarI have witnessed teens and young adults with disabilities – as reflected by their behavior and smiles - open their hearts to Jesus at adorationAnd I know the ministry brings the joy of the Gospel to the families of all those we serve who live with disabilities.” 

-Maggie Rosseau, Director of Disabilities Ministry

There are many needs for Toni’s camp this year that fall outside of what the Annual Appeal fund can provide. You can give the joy of attending camp and provide a welcoming, safe, spiritual experience for those with disabilities.


$200 Can cover Camp Fees and Transportation for 1 Camper 
$500 Can cover Craft supplies for all ! 
$1000 Can cover Camp fees and Transportation for 5 Campers 
Your contribution to the Annual Appeal directly provides for Disabilities Ministry programs like Toni’s Camp and keeps the flame of Christ alive through intentional exposure to spiritual enrichment for all.
Participate in the Archbishop’s annual appeal and support programs like these and more.