Adult and Family Faith Formation

With programs, materials, and advice grounded in catholic teaching, Adult and Family Faith Formation as a part of the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship equips parishes with the tools to construct strong formation programs helping adults to build solid foundations of faith for themselves, their families, and our parish community.  

At least half of our 103 parishes and missions are engaged in some type of intentional family faith formation. These parishes have shifted their focus to family catechesis to bolster adult evangelization and faith formation through strength of the family. The Adult and Family Faith Formation team has supported this pivot in family catechesis through the archdiocese resource “Families Forming Disciples.” 

Particpants of Rescue Atlanta pray together at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Photo by Johnathon Kelso

Your contribution to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal directly supports the Adult and Family Faith Formation programs in the archdiocese to provide guidance to our brothers and sisters in Christ as they walk on their journeys of faith.  Without these programs, paths may not be as clear and those who seek support in their journey may never continue their faith formation or may feel that they are left to go it alone. 

One parish that was skeptical of a formation shift, took guidance from the Adult and Family Faith Formation team and implemented the Family Forming Disciples program. They have since seen impressive results - parents taking their rightful place as the first catechists of their children. Other parishes have seen dads step up as leaders in the family's formation, parents of families forming close bonds with other parents in the parish, events that are heavily attended, and a sense of renewal and vitality within the parish.  

“OED is privileged to serve with our excellent leaders in the field—together cultivating disciples. We cannot do it alone—our clergy, religious and lay leaders are on the front lines. My hope is that we continue to support them well as a team grounded in the Lord and His mission, and we are so grateful for the generosity of the people of the archdiocese, without whom we would not be here.”

--Michele McHale-Pickard, Office of Evangelization and Discipleship

Adult formation is also essential for the sacramental growth of our archdiocese, through facilitating programming for parishes free of charge for the quarterly Initiation Ministries workshop. By providing valuable guidance and timely topics about forming new Catholics in our faith, programs like this helped to train initiation ministers who welcomed 800 elect and 1700 candidates to the church this year through the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA). 

“Becoming Catholic has been such a blessing! In addition to being able to participate in the sacraments fully, I made lifelong friends through RCIA as we explored and deepened our faith. Our families socialize, attend small group and bible studies together, volunteer, and enjoy being with each other. Our RCIA Coordinator reminded us when we started RCIA that God knew to bring us all together! “ 

-St. Jude parishioner 

Your support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal provides formation programs to strengthen and grow our archdiocese.

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