Franciscan Sisters Renew Vows

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Three Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge, Sister Maria Pia, Sister Miriam, and Sister Jessica renewed their vows to their Sisterhood on April 16, 2024.  

Archbishop Gregory John Hartmeyer took some time to reflect on and discuss the significance of this specific date with the sisters before processing together into the Noon Mass at the Chancery.

“As you renew your vows as Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge, it occurs on the same day when we recall Saint Francis making his own religious profession into the hands of Pope Innocent the Third on this day, April 16th in 1210.” 

Archbishop said during his homily “As religious sisters you are invited to entrust yourselves into the Lord’s hands so that you may draw strength from him as Stephen did. You are called to a life of sacrifice in order to serve God and his people. In your ministry you must learn to give away your lives.” 

Archbishop Hartmeyer led the vow renewal along with Bishop Schlesinger. The Sisters also delighted attendees with beautiful singing and guitar playing during mass. 

Sister Maria Pia stated “The purpose of this renewal is to recall the origins of our rule and remember the devotion of Francis and his companions as they promised to follow the Holy Gospel. To recall our own fervor as we begin this way of life and to resolve to commit ourselves again to these ideals. Let us pray with the help of God and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and with Saint Francis. We may regain our initial fervor and recommit ourselves to the life we have professed.” 

Sister Miriam Mendoza works with Hispanic Ministries as a part of the Office of Intercultural Ministries and has been at the Archdiocese of Atlanta since March of 2024. She joined after six years of service with the Divine Mercy Mission in Brookhaven. She now supports our flourishing Hispanic Catholic communities and works to guide women in their discernment with the Office of Vocations.