Marriage and Family Life Ministry

Enhancing parish ministry leadership through support, training, and resources, the Marriage and Family Life Ministry of the Office of Evangelization and Discipleship strives to effectively prepare couples for marriage, strengthen existing marriages, and provide comprehensive care for families.

The ministry's primary role is to equip couples with the essential tools for a lasting marriage. This involves offering programs like the Joy-Filled Marriage and Witness to Love, which guide couples through self-discovery, communication enhancement, and spiritual growth. Online marriage preparation courses are also provided to accommodate couples' various needs and schedules. Understanding the challenges of remarriage, the ministry offers the "Love Again: Life Skills for Remarriage Workshop" to help widowed individuals and couples with annulled marriages anticipate challenges and provide tools for their new life together.  

A couple participates at Marriage Preparation

A strong emphasis is placed on promoting Natural Family Planning (NFP) education to empower couples to embrace responsible parenthood in line with their faith. Comprehensive NFP training equips couples with knowledge and skills for informed family planning while deepening their respect for the sanctity of human life.  

The Office also offers programs to enrich and strengthen existing marriages, such as marriage enrichment workshops, pastoral counseling, and resources for overcoming relationship challenges.  

Recognizing the crucial role of parish leadership in fostering healthy families, the ministry provides training and resources for ministry leaders in pastoral care, counseling techniques, and program facilitation to effectively support couples and families.  

In addition to marriage-focused efforts, the ministry supports overall family well-being and unity within the parish community through retreats, workshops, and resources aimed at strengthening familial bonds, fostering spiritual growth, and nurturing a culture of love and unity.  

As a tribute to committed married couples, the ministry organizes an annual 50/60 Mass, honoring couples married for 50 or 60 years, funded by parishioner contributions through the Annual Appeal. This tradition celebrates the enduring power of love and fidelity within marriage.  

Mass Anniversary

Through its range of programs, the ministry empowers couples to build lasting marriages, fosters unity and love within families, and equips parish leadership to minister effectively to families at all stages of life.

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