Campus Ministries

College students distancing themselves from their faith is emerging as a crisis in the Church. Campus ministry combats this crisis, meets students where they are, and nurtures their relationships with God. College may be the last time young adults encounter Jesus Christ and plant deep roots in their Catholic faith.

Campus Ministry allows students to combat this crisis with the space, clergy, and spiritual resources directly on campus grounds. The goal of Campus Ministry is to make, mold, and mission disciples of Jesus Christ at college and prepare college students to live as missionary disciples into adulthood. 

“There is a hunger and a thirst among our young people today. Many of them do not recognize this hunger for what it is – a hunger and thirst for Christ – but we also know many who do.”

-Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.  

College students hugging

With 9 campus ministries serving 14 universities across the archdiocese, these virtuous communities provide opportunities where young people can thrive in weekly mass, the Sacraments, community service, and fellowship with new friends. 

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“The Catholic Center [at Georgia Tech] meets every student with support and love, and there is a space for everyone as part of the community. I am so grateful for all the formation, friends, and fun the Catholic Center provided; all of us at Georgia Tech are truly lucky to have it on campus!”

—Caroline O’Brien, Georgia Tech Class of 2023 

Many campus ministries face obstacles like working with limited resources or are understaffed. These challenges make it difficult to achieve the mission of campus ministries and limits the outreach of students, faculty, and staff.  

Your support of diocesan campus ministries helps fund and staff passionate and dedicated leaders ready to serve students with opportunities to expand their faith with student tailgates and dinners, works of FOCUS missionaries, bible studies, and to form and grow new young adult Catholics through access to RCIA programs. 

Father Mark with Pope Francis

“The Newman Center is the presence of the Church at the non-Catholic university. I show the pastoral care of the Church through accompaniment, empathy, and love to be the gateway for the next generation of stewards.”

– Fr. Urey P. Mark, Lyke House Catholic Newman Center at the Atlanta University Center

Without campus ministries, students would no longer have access to intentional adult catholic leaders like Fr. Urey and appropriate catechetical resources to provide a path for their formative years. For many college students who are seeking to grow in their catholic faith, the path stops.  

Be the bridge and fill the gap between students and campus ministries. You can spiritually impact young men and women for generations to come! 

Build access to positive Catholic environments for our young people as they begin to navigate adulthood. 

Support programs like these and others with your participation in the Annual Appeal.

When we come together in His Presence and make all things new, we touch the lives and hearts of others through our selfless giving and create opportunities for new encounters with the living hope of Christ.