Hispanic and Latino Ministries

The Office of Hispanic and Latino Ministries enriches our faith and culture with love and joy to Christ and His Church.Rooted in a rich tapestry of cultural traditions, linguistic heritage, and religious expressions, Hispanic and Latino Ministries seeks to nurture faith life, equip leadership, and foster community among Hispanic Catholics through a diverse offering of pastoral initiatives, outreach programs, and spiritual resources tailored to serve a community hungry for Christ. 

The Hispanic and Latino Catholic communities passionately practice their faith at 60 parishes across the Archdiocese of Atlanta, while actively seeking to learn more about it through programs like Bienvenidos, (Welcome) made possible through the Archbishop's Annual Appeal.

Some travel by bus or drive long distances to attend the training necessary to carry the program forward to the next group. Catechists take their responsibility seriously and use video and class instruction to hone skills like public speaking and learn how to present the materials meaningfully to their brothers and sisters in Christ.    

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“It is amazing how God has worked with me and through me.  I can even speak in public now. I still get nervous but have been able with God’s help to do many presentations. I have also learned to pray, which has changed my life. Little by little, through Bienvenidos, God has transformed me and has given me many talents that I did not have before.

-Bienvenidos Catechist 

For programs like Bienvenidos to thrive, it takes people who care about their Catholic faith and the proper resources to train them. Without access to resources and proper catechetical training, parishioners eager to inspire others to move forward in their faith journey are stuck. 
In 2013, I participated in the CRSP/Bienvenidos retreat.  I Met God again and realized that he gave his life for me. That opened my eyes and showed me how much he loves me.  Through prayer and the Sacraments, God reminds me that I am not alone. I am now a Lector, EMHC, and Sacristan. I cannot say “no” to him who has given me so much. I trust in him and in his plan, regardless of how hard the journey is.
-Bienvenidos Catechist 

Your participation in the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal helps to provide resources for Hispanic and Latino Ministries programs to grow and thrive. Access to programs like Nocturnal Adoration, Emaus Retreat or Charismatic Renewal provide the resources and space to encounter Christ, grow the Catholic faith, and build community.  

Donate to support the spiritual growth of this vibrant community.

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