Permanent Diaconate

278 deacons fulfill the sacramental sign of the church by serving at masses, in their parish communities, and across the archdiocese. On top of this selfless calling, they continue to work full-time jobs and support their families. Without our Deacons, we could not accomplish our mission of uplifting and supporting our people in the archdiocese and local community.

The road to becoming a Deacon is a long yet rewarding journey. After receiving a recommendation letter from their pastor and going through a rigorous interview process, these men immerse themselves in six years of Aspirancy and academics. For most of them, this is while continuing to lead their families and advance their careers. 

We currently have 29 men in formation aspiring to be Deacons. Having Deacons in our parishes greatly helps our limited number of Priests spread the work that makes our Archdiocese function and give back at its highest level. By using their unique gifts, they commit to being the hands and feet of Christ by performing outreach such as serving at multiple masses, visiting inmates at local prisons, comforting patients at hospitals, or volunteering at events such as our Eucharistic Congress. These men, from workplaces and families like ours, bridge the gap between the church and our community.  

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Deacon Dennis Dorner welcomes attendees to the 25th Eucharistic Congress at held at the The Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Ga., on June 17th & 18th 2022. Photo by Johnathon Kelso

"The Deacon is a bridge between the laity and the Church. Most of us all have families, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. We are out in the world with secular jobs and then doing work in the parishes as well."

Deacon Dennis Dorner—Director of Permanent Diaconate 

As these Deacons train and faithfully serve our churches and area, an impactful way we can support them is through their Deacon Assistance Fund. This fund uplifts our Deacons as they face unexpected financial challenges including family emergencies and medical bills. It is our way of showing appreciation for them during difficult times when they and their families sacrifice so much for our church.  

Our Deacons display the fullness of the sacrament of Holy Orders. They represent the diversity of the archdiocese and humbly work to support us and our parishes without acclaim for their actions. It’s important to pray and encourage them as they develop through formation and place themselves in the heart of our churches.  

“We have seen such a beautiful transformation in these men allowing themselves to open up their lens of what it means to serve and who I am called to serve. We are called to serve where we are needed.”

—Deacon Dennis Dorner

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