Serving the Vulnerable In His Presence

Group moving boxes outside of truck

Catholic Charities Atlanta 

“I want to help the people we serve see God in the love and care we provide. I want to be a faith-builder.”

– Monifa Holman, Director, Family Stabilization Services at Catholic Charities Atlanta 

Monifa Holman serves others with a joyful heart, praying that they see Christ in her just as she sees Christ reflected in them. As the Director of Family Stabilization Services at Catholic Charities Atlanta, Monifa oversees St. Joseph Place, an independent living community for low-income seniors. More than simply being affordable housing, St. Joseph Place is a blessed community that ensures its residents’ housing needs are met while being treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.  

Living the Catholic Charities Atlanta mission to empower families to overcome barriers, St Joseph Place stands in the gap to serve seniors who may be without a support system, who may be on a fixed income, who may have nowhere else to go, and for whom this might be the last place they live before they go to eternal rest. Acting as the hands and feet of Christ, Monifa and St. Joseph Place meet people where they are to serve the most vulnerable among us in need of housing. 

“We are charged with loving our neighbors and caring for the vulnerable. I get to do that with my work at St Joseph Place. I get to set a standard of excellence of how we communicate God’s love in action.”

– Monifa Holman, Catholic Charities Atlanta 

When you give to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal you are showing utmost compassion for the most vulnerable in our community. We can uplift them through resources including skill development, education and employment, and security and well-being services.