Stewards of Faith

Discover the stories of those who put their Faith into Action to advance the Mission of the Church.

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Meet Jack: “Meet me at Mass”

For Jack Tyson, putting his faith into action is as simple as inviting people to meet him at mass. A longtime parishioner of Saint Brigid, Jack decided to get more involved in church after only attending Sunday mass and just leaving afterward for many years. Now, he is actively involved in his church community, including being an outside greeter at…

Franciscan Sisters Renew Vows

“The purpose of this renewal is to recall the origins of our rule and remember the devotion of Francis and his companions as they promised to follow the Holy Gospel. To recall our own fervor as we begin this way of life and to resolve to commit ourselves again to these ideals.”

- Sister Maria Pia

Meet your Seminarians: Eric Baylot

“[Seminary] is about forming well-rounded men to become priests. When you have good priests…the parishioners can spread the faith throughout the world. That doesn’t happen unless you have the priest who is well formed.”

- Eric

Meet your Clergy: Father Brian Bufford

In the town of Washington, GA, nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, lies a community steeped in tradition and faith. For many, St. Joseph and Purification Catholic Church are not just places of worship but symbols of community. It’s within this backdrop that Father Brian Bufford began his journey of faith.  Father Bufford was born and…

Donor Interview: Rutherford Seydel

Caring for Atlanta’s Creation-One Church at a Time Rutherford Seydel has always been a champion for conserving Atlanta’s environment. “I [was in school] and attended 2 schools on the Chattahoochee River and learned in biology that our body is 70% water and that 90-something percent of our water is coming from the Chattahoochee.” Rutherford Seydel The present-day Atlanta lawyer at…