Student Testimonies from the Diocese of Kakamega, Kenya

Divine Providence Children's Home

Earning an education may be something we take for granted, but for others, it is a life-changing privilege.

Your selfless giving, through our Catholic Mission Outreach program, has blessed students across the Diocese of Kakamega who struggle to pay their educational fees which hinders their ability to continue school. Their outstanding balances are no longer stopping them from changing their lives and walking towards a bright future!

Students like Christopher personally thank you for your contribution to his schooling despite a difficult home life.

“I humbly take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given me in payment for my school fees. I live with my mother who has no occupation. She struggles to pay fees for me.”

–Christopher, Student

When not in class, these pupils work extremely hard to earn money to help pay for their own school bills. Unfortunate circumstances make it difficult for students like Collins to find a path out of poverty.

“I was raised by my mother who used to support me earlier but in 2020 she lost her job because of COVID-19… Even when I go home for the holidays my mother and I are obligated to go and work in the farms of our neighbors to get some money to cater for our needs and those of my dear siblings. This has made it hard for her to clear my school fee.”

–Collins, Student

It is not just the students who have reaped the blessings you have given them, but their families as well. It takes the financial burden off single mothers such as Euphamia who struggles to provide for her children:

“…thank you for supporting my son to clear his school fees. I am a single mother who doesn’t have any job at the moment, and this becomes hard for me to raise his school fees. Your contribution towards his education is so important and will allow him to continue focusing on his studies.”

–Euphamia, Mother of Student

Some students must sell everything they have to lower their school fees which includes the unfortunate reality of being homeless. Terence feels the tremendous impact of your gift and how it will help his family:

“When this year started my mum sold everything in the house so that I could come back to school. Sometimes we sleep outside the house. I would like to thank you so much for helping me to pay my school fees, which has always been a challenge to me. God bless you so much so that you may be able to help others like me.”

—Terence, Student

Through your generosity, lives are being changed and minds are being formed. These students in the Diocese of Kakamega will continue to pursue a quality Catholic education without the financial burdens that affect them and their families. The gift of education truly changes lives, and your contribution will transform theirs for years to come!