Veterans Program Catholic Charities Atlanta

Catholic Charities Atlanta Veterans Program

Georgia is proudly home to 699,322 veterans. As in other parts of the country, some Georgia veterans find themselves with no hope and face homelessness after they depart from the military and enter civilian life.  

In our local community, Narian became a part of this statistic after an injury that shortened his military career. He, like other Veterans, became overwhelmed by reintegration into civilian life after serving in the military and struggled trying to secure his benefits on his own. It was a spiral of frustration and despair. 

65% of Veterans report annual income of less than $20,000. 

Narian was a disabled Veteran with the inability to work. His wife and six children became homeless and were forced to live in their vehicle. A car is not a home. 

“The hardest time in my life was [seeing] my children look at me and [ask], “Daddy, what’s going on? Why don’t we have a house?”—Narian  

Narian felt completely hopeless as he sought help and assistance in any way he could. All he prayed for was a home where he could raise his family and feel dignified in his role as a husband and father.  

Once Catholic Charities became aware of the family’s situation, they immediately acted. 

“When I made the phone call [to Catholic Charities], out of all the organizations, Catholic Charities was the only one that helped me break this cycle.”—Narian

Thanks to our supporters, Catholic Charities was able to provide the family with a home and a stable source of essentials including food, clean showers, and support to pay bills. It gave Narian the confidence and assurance to move forward and find a way to provide for his family. Catholic Charities Atlanta was also able to provide connections to veteran resources to get the help this family needed. 

The family are abundantly grateful for the life-changing support they have received. Narian is most thankful for the sense of dignity the support Catholic Charities Atlanta has restored in him as it pushes him to continue providing for his family knowing he has a community rooting for him. Catholic Charities Atlanta has his back. 

There are unfortunately many veterans who have found themselves in Narian’s situation. Catholic Charities Atlanta is dedicated to uplifting Veterans and their families in the Atlanta area. Veteran Case Managers are committed to helping Veterans and their families navigate social service systems while securing all the benefits they are entitled to in their position.