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Raising money to go on a mission trip can be challenging for students. Youth in Mission fills this gap by providing the additional funds needed to send enthusiastic Christian teenagers and young adults to spread God’s Word

Youth in Mission (YiM) is an ecumenical ministry and has been distributing mission scholarships to Christian students for the past 12 years. In January, they awarded scholarships to 80 students eager to share their talents to help others. Scholarships help defray some of the costs and make participating in mission work more accessible for all. Students get real-world experience and deepen their faith in glorifying God through projects that uplift others and entire communities in need 

Youth in Mission helps those in need

Missionary Testimonials

YiM has transformed local Christian and Catholic students including Claire, who received a scholarship to go on a mission trip with the St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church youth group, and Carson who is a student from West Ridge Church.

Youth in Mission helps those in need

“I cannot thank Youth in Mission enough for sponsoring me to attend Catholic Heart Work Camp this last summer. I was with a group that painted a house for a lady who was suffering from cancer. Even though it was so hot outside, we knew painting her home and deck would be very helpful to her. Your generosity allowed me to experience a deeper understanding of why it is so important to serve others and grow deeper in my faith in Jesus Christ.  

It was also great to spend time with my Youth Group from St. Peter Chanel and getting to know some in the group that I hadn’t really known well before.”

-Claire, St. Peter Chanel Youth Ministry
Youth in Mission helps those in need

“Throughout the week I saw God move and do such powerful things. One of the families my group went to visit had 8 family members and one bed. It wasn't even a bed, it was just the metal springs that the bed sits on and they had a few shirts over the springs to make it a little more comfortable. The family told us that they would each take turns sleeping at night.

With some of the money we had brought with us we were able to bring this family a bunk bed, two mattresses, a crib, blankets, toys, cups and plates, and two food bags. Watching the joy on their faces as they saw us walking up to their house with actual beds for them to sleep on was so incredible…”

-Carson, Student, Member of West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA

Without these scholarships, some students could not afford the experience of putting their faith into action and helping those in need.

The Youth in Mission scholarships have supported students on both domestic and international mission trips with initiatives including: 

  • Forming relationships and showing God’s love to local children and families  
  • Medical missions 
  • Providing clean water in impoverished areas 
  • Building and repairing homes and schools for those in most need
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Put your Faith into Action

Help young volunteers experience the power of putting their faith into action to help those in need.

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